Holcim Group

Founded in Switzerland in 1912, Holcim is passionately committed to global standards in production, distribution and customer service, as well as environmental and social responsibility.

The local Holcim Group embodies these commitments, signified by recognition as "Leader of the Industry" by the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the past 3 years. The Group's recycling and energy-saving strategies, its dialogue with stakeholder groups, its efforts in occupational health and safety, and its human capital development received top scores from the DJSI.

We've also been selected as a member of the Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI). Both of these organizations provide investors with guidance in selecting companies that deliver sustainability as well as financial returns. We are an active member of the PEW Center on Global Climate Change Business Environmental Leadership Council, the U.S. Green Building Council, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and EPA's Climate Leaders and SmartWaysSM programs.

The Group's leadership is also evident in our advancements in cement manufacturing and product composition, which are unmatched in the industry. Our new St. Genevieve plant in Missouri will be one of the most environmentally responsible facilities in the world. From offering innovations in greener building materials, to using alternative energy sources to safely fuel our kilns, to upgrading our plants to reduce our carbon footprint - we are passionately devoted to bringing you better products so you can help the world build better.

At Holcim, "Perfecting Progress™" is what being a leader is all about.