Progressive solutions for concrete block

Erratic energy prices, coupled with a heightened awareness of the effect our consumption habits are having on the environment, is helping drive the movement to create more energy-efficient buildings. One material that can help do that extremely well is concrete block.

Manufactured in a wide variety of styles, concrete block also offers tremendous versatility when designing and building homes, commercial structures, retaining walls and more. In addition, concrete block will not rust or rot and is exceptionally strong, making it a great choice in areas with extreme weather, like hurricanes and tornados.

When creating concrete blocks, manufacturers often choose portland cements due to their high early strength, which helps them produce product more quickly. But with today's heightened desire for greener building products, many are now choosing blended or slag cements like those in Holcim's Envirocoreā„¢ line of products. Because they contain less raw virgin material, Envirocore cements allow manufacturers to reduce the carbon intensity of the blocks they produce. In particular, the use of Envirocore GranCemĀ® Slag Cement can help achieve a lower footprint, and may help architects and builders earn LEED credits for their projects. Slag is also finer cement, which helps manufacturers create a smoother texture for their blocks.

You can order Holcim cements with complete peace of mind, knowing they are tested in our own laboratories. We also confirm these results at both independent facilities and major universities to ensure you get consistent performance. With our network of plants located around the country, you can get the cements you need, when you need them.

In addition to reliable performance and availability, you can count on our staff of renowned technical service engineers and LEED Accredited Professionals to become your partners, consulting with you and helping you to stay current on critical industry developments, including increasingly greener products and standards.