Progressive solutions for cementing wells

Our energy industry is in the national spotlight now more than ever before. With stable transportation costs, and energy independence at stake, wise use of our natural resources is critical. However, growing concern over global climate change also means that the industry must continue to develop these resources in a manner that minimizes their impact on the environment.

Cementing wells helps reduce risks and costs by supporting, protecting and stabilizing the well casing in the shaft, restricting movement of fluids between reservoir zones, preventing infiltration of water or unwanted materials into reservoir zones, and preventing blowouts by quickly forming a seal.

When cementing wells, look to Holcim to provide you with ideal solutions for wells up to 6,000 feet deep. From eco-efficient products to world-class expertise and superior product availability, Holcim cements are the natural choice. Our cements help you create a slurry that stays fluid for pumping, then gives you a rapid set to cut down on the expense of an idle crew waiting on cement, while enabling you to leave less of a mark on the environment.

With our network of plants located around the country, you can get the cements you need, where your clients need them for drilling. Our staff, many of whom are world-class talents in their areas of expertise, are also available to consult with you to ensure your project goes smoothly.