Innovative solutions for architects and specifiers

The ever-changing face of architecture is being driven by a wave of innovative new designs, breakthroughs in construction methods, evolving building materials, and more conscientious environmental codes. At Holcim, we are at the forefront of that evolution and strive to help you bring your creative visions to life while conserving the environment at the same time.

We understand that your reputation is built on a quality result and when you specify a product - whether it's windows, doors, siding or cement - you rely on it to perform as expected with no surprises. With Holcim products in the mix, you will get the consistency and quality you expect to turn your visionary designs into structural masterpieces.

Demand for greener structures is rapidly growing. As innovative new designs lead the way toward more environmentally responsible architecture, you need partners who can help you achieve your visions in a more eco-efficient fashion. When you specify Envirocoreā„¢ products, your structures will be greener thanks to the reduced CO2 intensity and smaller environmental footprint of this entire line. Additionally, products with the Envirocore seal have been proven to handle even the most challenging projects from interstate highways, to magnificent bridges, to soaring skyscrapers.

At Holcim, we take our longstanding commitment to sustainable construction seriously. From eco-efficient products and industry-leading environmentally advanced facilities, to the use of alternative energy sources and wise transportation choices, we are passionately devoted to bringing you better product choices so you can help design a greener world around us.

With Holcim on your team, you remain at the forefront of product development, building approaches, and environmental practices. It's all part of our commitment to "Perfecting Progress" - one team, one vision, and one outcome to ensure the ongoing success of your projects.