Building Greener

Solutions that help you leave less of a mark
Due to the immense benefits of concrete construction, its worldwide consumption has doubled since 1991. Cement - the key ingredient that binds concrete - is one of the most important resources in modern society. Its manufacture is, however, both resource- and energy-intensive.

At Holcim, we help you leave less of mark and make the world a little better place by making our cements greener. When your concrete contains Holcim cements, like our Envirocore TM line, you can be sure that you are designing and building greener, due to their reduced C 02 intensity. Thanks to our rigorous manufacturing process, you can use Holcim cements for even the toughest jobs, like highways, bridges, buildings, and more - and leave a smaller environmental footprint at the same time.

Technical support to succeed
When you partner with us, you get a wealth of technical expertise and LEED knowledge to support you. You can depend on renowned technical service engineers, many of whom are global experts in their areas of specialization, to offer an unmatched depth of knowledge about cements, concrete, and standards - as well as the latest developments of concrete applications in construction. You can also count on us to help keep you informed of environmental and regulatory trends to help you take a leadership position in green building, with LEED Accredited Professionals providing you and your customers with advice to help your projects reach certification.