Envirocore™ blended cements

Envirocore blended cements are intended for use in general construction applications, as well as soil stabilization, structural fill, and road base material. These hydraulic cements are designed to offer moderate-to-high sulfate attack resistance, reduced heat evolution, alkali-silica reactivity resistance (ASR) and high early strength.





Holcim Performance Cements (HPC™)

  • Designed to meet the increasing performance demands, higher standards and specifications and environmental constraints being placed on today's construction industry
  • Manufactured by inter-grinding or inter-blending a pozzolan (typically fly ash) with portland cement clinker
  • HPC™ is manufactured under controlled conditions to ensure consistent quality and uniformity. Holcim's tightly-controlled environment assures optimal proportions, chemistry and particle size distribution for the best possible performance.
  • May be designed as moderate or high sulfate resistant, moderate or low heat of hydration or option R, low reactivity with alkali-reactive aggregates
  • Meets the requirements of ASTM C 595, Standard Specifications for Blended Hydraulic Cements, and ASTM C 1157, Standard Performance Specifications for Blended Hydraulic Cements


Enviroset Products

  • Dry blended alkaline reagents for solidification and stabilization; designed to meet the needs of the environmental remediation industry
  • Ideally suited for remediating sludges containing heavy metals, oils and solvents
  • Samples of Enviroset components are sent to your lab for bench testing with the actual waste stream to be remediated; after evaluation, reagents are dry blended to your exact specifications
  • Made to order for environmental engineers who want the very best combination of ingredients for high quality performance at an affordable price


Envirobase® Products

  • A versatile, environmentally responsible, economical product for use in various applications - as a soil cement to stabilize a haul road, as a flowable fill to cover utility cuts and even as an absorbent to clean up an oil spill
  • Made of at least two partially or wholly recycled materials, like Class C fly ash, Class F fly ash, and cement kiln dust; components are custom blended with portland cement to meet your individual site requirements


Portland Type IP Cement

  • Used for general construction, as well as the construction of dams, piers, massive mat placements, footings, and similar structures
  • Offers maximum concrete performance
  • Delivers increased workability, increased durability, decreased permeability, reduced sulfate attack, decreased bleeding and segregation, reduced shrinkage, reduced heat of hydration, increased compressive strength, and increased flexural strength
  • Manufactured by inter-grinding or inter-blending a pozzolan (fly ash) with portland cement clinker
  • Meets the requirements of ASTM C 595 standard specification for blended hydraulic cements