Public Works

Innovative solutions for public works project managers

New building materials, methods and environmental codes are changing the face of public construction. In this evolving market, rely on Holcim as a trusted partner to help you succeed. From eco-efficient cements, like our Envirocore line, to knowledgeable support from technical service engineers and LEED Accredited Professional, Holcim has the products and expertise to help you create the next generation of public works success stories.

With the high visibility of today's public works projects, reliability of the materials you specify is critical. You can count on the consistency and quality that we deliver in every product we manufacture. With the quality name of Holcim inside your structures, you get the performance that delivers on our promise - and yours. Progressive Green Building Solutions Building greener in your community requires leadership and foresight - and the right partner can make all the difference. When your concrete projects contain Envirocore products, they will be greener thanks to the reduced CO2 intensity and smaller environmental footprint of this entire line. Additionally, products with the Envirocore seal can handle even the toughest jobs, like highways, bridges, buildings, and more.

At Holcim, we take our longstanding commitment to sustainable construction seriously. From eco-efficient products and industry leading environmentally-advanced facilities, to the use of alternative energy sources and wise transportation choices, we are passionately devoted to bringing you progressive products for the nation's growing infrastructure demands. With Holcim on your team, you remain at the forefront of product development, building approaches, and environmental practices. It's part of our commitment to "Perfecting Progress" - one team, one vision, and one outcome to ensure the ongoing success of your projects.