Innovative solutions for residential builders and contractors

The face of residential construction is changing, driven by new building materials and methods, evolving environmental codes, and escalating energy costs. Now more than ever, your customers are interested in building or remodeling in an environmentally-conscious, energy-efficient fashion. At Holcim, we take your business seriously. By providing you with eco-efficient products like our EnvirocoreTM line, world-class technical service engineers, and LEED Accredited Professionals, we can help your business succeed.

Your customers want the quiet, safe and secure comfort of a well constructed home. But many are also looking for progressive designs that reflect their unique personality and lifestyle. When you build with concrete, you can build a home that stands up to the most extreme weather and offers tremendous energy efficiency while achieving high architectural appeal. When Holcim is in the mix, you are building with innovative products born of intensive research and development. We confidently deliver consistency, compliance, and quality in every product we manufacture. Performance that delivers on our promise - and yours.

Today's homeowners realize their building decisions can affect the long-term health of the environment, and they demand more. Meet these demands head-on by choosing Holcim. When your concrete projects contain Envirocore products, they will be greener thanks to the reduced CO2 intensity and smaller environmental footprint of this entire line.

At Holcim, we take our longstanding commitment to sustainable construction seriously. From eco-efficient products and industry-leading environmentally-advanced facilities, to the use of alternative energy sources and wise transportation choices, we are passionately devoted to leaving a smaller carbon footprint - and helping conserve natural resources for future generations. With Holcim on your team, you can remain at the forefront of product development, building approaches, and environmental practices. It's part of our commitment to "Perfecting Progress" - one team, one vision, and one outcome to ensure the ongoing success of your projects.