Why Concrete?

Continued global economic and population growth necessitate the construction of urban and rural infrastructure and housing. Adopting a more sustainable approach to construction will be critical in securing long-term environmental, economic and social viability.

Given its long lifecycle and inherent thermal properties, concrete is one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious building materials available, outperforming both steel and timber.

  • Concrete structures minimize large temperature swings in buildings and reduce energy bills by as much as 25%.
  • Concrete structures have a long life span, which requires less new building and reduces total long-term emissions
  • Concrete structures are recyclable, reusable and reduce the need to consume natural resources, like trees and wood

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of cement - the key ingredient that binds concrete - we appreciate our critical role in making sustainable construction possible. Our century-long commitment is embodied in our eco-efficient products, environmentally responsible manufacturing processes, and wise transportation choices.

We are champions of building with concrete and are dedicated to sharing its environmental advantages to increase its usage for greener building projects.