Progressive Energy Use

Fossil fuels have powered our society for generations, but we now must face the reality that these fuels are becoming scarcer and fluctuate unpredictably. In addition, the burning of fossil fuels is a source of greenhouse gases and is one of the main catalysts driving global climate change. Both businesses and individuals must strive to use energy more responsibly than ever before - for their own economic benefit and to leave our planet in better condition for generations to come.

As a leader in the cement industry, we are committed to managing the total effect of our energy consumption throughout the entire organization by minimizing our use of non-renewable natural resources, maximizing the fuel efficiency of our equipment, sourcing alternative fuels, using the most efficient transportation methods available, and more. No area of our business is exempt from this effort, and we will continue to push for innovative, creative solutions so that we can do our part to mitigate global climate change.