Making wise transportation choices

Decades-long neglect of transportation infrastructure has resulted in highway congestion, a railroad system at its capacity, and marine locks and dams in urgent need of repair. If not addressed, transportation infrastructure will continue to falter, slowing traffic and movement of goods, increasing CO2 emissions and causing a detrimental effect on the quality of our lives, as well as the environment.

As one of the largest cement manufacturers in North America, we at Holcim (US) believe it is our responsibility to help protect the environment in which we live and work by making intelligent decisions connected to the movement of our products. As manufacturers, using more efficient transportation cuts our costs. By encouraging our shippers to be more efficient, they burn less fuel and also save money. Together, this has a measurable reduction on the emissions we create to transport our materials. Because of that, we will always seek out partners who share these beliefs to ensure our company remains a faithful steward of the environment.