Progressive mass concrete solutions

A national infrastructure in need of repairs, coupled with the dawn of a new era of public works projects not seen in decades, is placing large-scale projects such as dams, bridges and large buildings under greater scrutiny than ever before. Both the literal and figurative foundations of these projects will be poured in mass quantities of concrete.

While concrete has not changed much over the centuries, engineers and builders are discovering new and improved ways to handle mass concrete projects. Using a higher percentage of slag cement in your mix - even up to 70% - yields the performance you need for large projects, while reducing your environmental footprint at the same time.

Look to Holcim for eco-efficient cements with dependable performance, like our Envirocore™ family of products, as you face a growing movement within the industry from both the public and government regulators to build in a more sustainable manner. In particular, our Envirocore GranCem® slag cement offers exceptional performance for your mass concrete projects.

You can order Holcim cements with complete peace of mind, knowing they are tested in our own laboratories. We also confirm these results at both independent facilities and major universities to ensure you get consistent performance. With our network of plants located around the country, you can get the cements you need, when you need them.

In addition to reliable performance and availability, you can count on our staff of renowned technical service engineers and LEED Accredited Professionals to become your partners, consulting with you and helping you to stay current on critical industry developments, including increasingly greener products and standards.