Progressive solutions for concrete pavers

In today's competitive marketplace, builders and architects are always looking for a way to make their projects stand out. Providing them with pavers that can help them create a unique look and stay within the established budget is a trait that builds not only magnificent structures, but will build your reputation with them as well.

To do that, manufacturers of concrete pavers need strength and performance. But with design versatility being a significant reason for purchase, they also need cements that give them the flexibility to create a wide range of colors. For that reason, they are turning to suppliers who can provide consistently light colored cements, like Holcim's Envirocore™ line of products, including GranCem® Slag Cement. These cements give manufacturers the ability to create a full palette of choices for their customers. In addition, by blending slag into the cement, less raw virgin mineral resources are used, which lowers the carbon intensity of these products. This can also help end users of pavers earn LEED credits for their projects. Taking the green nature of pavers even further, blended and slag cements can be used to manufacture pervious pavers, which let water percolate into the ground instead of running off into storm sewers.

You can order Holcim cements with complete peace of mind, knowing they are tested in our own laboratories. We also confirm these results at both independent facilities and major universities to ensure you get consistent performance. With our network of plants located around the country, you can get the cements you need, when you need them.

In addition to reliable performance and availability, you can count on our staff of renowned technical service engineers and LEED Accredited Professionals to become your partners, consulting with you and helping you to stay current on critical industry developments, including increasingly greener products and standards.