Progressive paving solutions

More than a million miles of roads and thousands of bridges are in need of repair across the nation. Additionally, more than one-quarter of all CO2 emissions are caused by the cars and light trucks that drive on these roads. As these roads are repaired, there is an opportunity to help reduce these emissions by paving highways, streets and bridges with a more efficient material - concrete.

Because they create less resistance, concrete roads deliver better fuel efficiency than asphalt. In addition to readily available materials to make concrete, concrete roads last approximately twice as long as asphalt roads and can be recycled as road sub-base material or used as aggregate in new pavement at the end of their useful life.

When you choose to pave with concrete, you can look to Holcim for quality, eco-efficient products like our Envirocoreā„¢ line of cements and mortars. Because they use less raw virgin mineral components in the mix, these products help minimize the environmental impact of your projects while still delivering the performance of traditional portland cements in your roads, bridges and other paving projects.

You can order Holcim cements with complete peace of mind, knowing they are tested in our own laboratories. We also confirm these results at both independent facilities and major universities to ensure you get consistent performance. With our network of plants located around the country, you can get the cements you need, when you need them.

In addition to reliable performance and availability, you can count on our staff of renowned technical service engineers and LEED Accredited Professionals to become your partners, consulting with you and helping you to stay current on critical industry developments, including increasingly greener products and standards.


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