Progressive pipe solutions

Over the next decade, our aging sewer systems, much of which are more than 100 years old, will undergo more than $350 million in repair and replacement. Additionally, as developed areas continue to grow and evolve, public works managers and private contractors will need reliable ways to move waste and storm water in an efficient and sanitary manner. As this situation unfolds, concrete pipe manufacturers are well positioned to have a significant impact on the success of these projects.

As part of a full line of cements and essential materials, Holcim offers you a steady, consistently produced supply of Type I portland cement for pipe production. This proven performer in the concrete pipe industry meets all ASTM C 150 requirements.

Our staff, many of whom are world renowned in their areas of expertise, are available to consult with you about how our cements can help you build a better product. In addition, our network of plants located around the country ensures you get the cements you need, when you need them to keep your operation running smoothly.

In addition to reliable performance and availability, you can count on our staff of renowned technical service engineers and LEED Accredited Professionals to become your partners, consulting with you and helping you to stay current on critical industry developments, including increasingly greener products and standards.


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