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Know the concrete pouring conditions for today and the next four days for any city anywhere in the world. Available for Android and Apple mobile devices as well as any tablet or computer. Our new extremely intuitive weatherApp lets you enter post/zip code, city/town, IATA (airport code) or IP and receive the forecasted evaporation rate based on: average wind speed, relative humidity and air temperature. Access the detailed forecast when you select the day in which you're interested. Access historical weather data back to July of 2008. This free App is waiting for you on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

CalQ Materials Assessment Calculator™

calQ is a web based program that assists the user in quantifying the contribution of their products to the achievement of LEED© credits MR4 (Recycled Content) and MR 5 (Regional Material).

Launch CalQ Tutorial  to see a step by step tutorial for our Material Assessment Calculator. This tutorial gives a great overview of the power and functionality of calQ and will help you get up and running right away to start earning LEED points for your concrete.

This software was developed for one reason, to help you get every LEED point you deserve in your next project. Understanding the information required from LEED for concrete inclusion into your LEED calculations is quite complex. Every project has different variables and the location of materials being used in the concrete mix design can make all the difference in turning your project from gold to platinum certification.

CalQ was designed to calculate the recycled contents for concrete mixtures then report the information in a straight forward, easy to read report.  The final calQ report will provide the project LEED AP or other expert with all the information required to find the remaining credits.  The program’s simple interface reflects the familiar data entry process to which ready mix producers are accustomed.  After the user has collected and entered all the data for the components’ recycled content and locations, final calculations display the best solution for maximizing LEED credits.  calQ uses the raw data entered to calculate the recycled and regional contents in your final report for submission to USGBC.

calQ Material Assessment Calculator (Version 3) includes automated calculations from zip codes of the project’s location.  This single functionality was one of the most requested features by users. 

NOTE:  Any projects done using Version 1 of calQ will need to remain in that version since the zip code functionality is not backward compatible. It is recommended that you use calQ Version 3 for all your projects as we begin to phase out the legacy version. calQ Version 1 can be accessed by clicking here.

All versions of calQ require you to save your data locally on your machine. Holcim considers your information confidential, therefore, we do not save any data or keystrokes to our servers.

A reference guide is available to assist you in using this application. Please click below to open the calQ (Version 3) reference guide.

calQ Version 3 reference guide (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Launch CalQ Tutorial