Reducing our environmental footprint

It is now widely accepted that carbon dioxide (CO2) is considered one of the main greenhouse gases responsible for global climate change. Overall, the cement industry accounts for approximately one-and-a-half percent of man-made CO2 emissions in the US. However, cement is the key ingredient that binds concrete together - a fundamental building material increasingly demanded in today's world. The challenge, therefore, is to produce cement in a more eco-efficient manner.

As a leader in the cement industry, we at Holcim (US) take the managing of our carbon dioxide emissions seriously. In fact, we have made a voluntary commitment to reduce the CO2 intensity of our production 20% by 2010. As of 2007, we had reduced our production intensity by 16.3% and believe our goal is in reach.

We are reducing our environmental impact through the introduction of greener products like our Envirocoreā„¢ line, investment in extensive plant upgrades that have allowed us to dramatically cut our energy consumption, and participation in the development of responsible climate legislation.