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Fewer emissions means more savings... but how much more? Find out with our Concrete CO2 Saver Calculator and see how much CO2 savings you can achieve by using ECOPact concrete. Simply enter your project information below and see your results.


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Your result for 1 816 m3 of Columns /25 concrete in District of Columbia (United States)
Our Recommendation
By selecting ECOPact you could save up to 261 504 kg CO2 in comparison to a standard CEM I baseline reference mix.
Total reduction potential
-261 504 kg
Carbon footprint
153 kg
CO2 eq./m3
Your reductions in comparison
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-51% CO2
Carbon Footprint 153 kg CO₂/m3
-30% CO2
Carbon Footprint 297 kg CO2/m3
OPC baseline (reference)
Carbon Footprint 509.3 lbs CO2/yd3
CO₂ reduction equivalents
Based on your 1 816 m325
Your Total Carbon Reduction Potential of 261 504 kg CO2 is equivalent to:
tree seedlings grown for 10 years
homes' energy use for one year
1052031 km
traveled by car

How to use the calculator

1. Choose your state from the dropdown menu
2. Select your building type
3. Select the strength class or application
4. Select how much concrete you need
5. Click the "See Results" button to see your CO2 savings and reduction equivalents using ECOPact concrete


About ECOPact Concrete

ECOPact is the industry’s broadest range of green concrete with 100% performance offering at least 30% lower CO2 emissions compared to standard (CEM I / OPC) concrete.

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