WeatherMix®: Year-Round Concrete

WeatherMix year-round concrete is specially designed to tolerate temperatures outside the ideal range for concrete placement.


Suitable for residential, commercial, industrial design professionals, owners and contractors, WeatherMix’s controlled and predictable setting time leads to more consistent slab finishing as well as lower and predictable labor costs. 

Why should you buy WeatherMix?


  • WeatherMix® does not contain calcium chloride or any other intentionally added chloride-containing ingredients. This makes an excellent choice for any concrete that comes into contact with steel surfaces.
  • Will not initiate or promote corrosion of reinforcing steel embedded in concrete or galvanized steel floor and roof systems.
  • Exceeds industry standards for durability due to freezing and thawing, offering superior workability, pumpability and placement with accelerated concrete setting times.
  • Controlled and predictable setting time leads to faster slab finishing and lower and predictable labor costs for contractors.

WeatherMix Applications


  • WeatherMix® can be placed using chute, bucket, pump or conveyor.
  • Permits placement of concrete in temperatures as low as 19 ̊F and as high as 105 ̊F.
  • Guarantee 4 hour (+/- 1 hour) initial set time provided ACI 306: Guide to Cold Weather Concreting or ACI 305: Specification for Hot Weather.
  • Concreting practices are followed. Superior finishing characteristics for flatwork and cast surfaces.

Product Benefits


  • Designed to tolerate temperatures outside the ideal range of 50 ̊ - 80 ̊ F for concrete placement.
  • Reduces heating and protection time in cold weather.
  • Controlled setting times leads to more predictable labor costs.
building under construction in snow

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