Green Building Solutions


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With the global population expected to reach 10 billion by 2050 and an increasingly urban, less livable future ahead, Holcim is laser focused on building a more sustainable world for our children. 

As a global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions, we play an essential role in accelerating our world’s transition towards a net zero and more inclusive future, seeking any opportunity to produce greener products, to manufacture and operate in a more environmentally sound way. 

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ECOPact is the industry's broadest range of green concrete with products that provide from 30% to 100% less carbon emissions compared to standard (OPC) concrete. Where regulatory conditions allow, ECOPact products integrate upcycled construction and demolition materials to further close the resource loop.

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Manufactured with quality limestone, OneCem uses less clinker than the traditional manufacturing process and reduces CO2 emissions by five to ten percent per ton of cement.

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