At Holcim, we believe that acting with integrity creates trust, protects our reputation, lowers our cost of doing business and enhances shareholder value.

We actively cultivate an environment where honesty and accountability flourish and compliance is a central focus. The Code of Business Conduct communicates our values to all employees at every level, providing guidance on how to put them into practice. Our Supplier Code of Conduct extends this commitment to our partners and supply chain so that we can move towards a net-zero future.  

If you have a question or concern regarding Holcim's business practices, the Integrity Line is a safe way for you to speak up.   

Holcim’s Code of Business Conduct supports our belief that high performance coupled with high integrity is key to sustainable success.

We have set specific goals to reduce emissions and recycle water within our own operations and have established this supplier code of conduct to move towards a net-zero future.