Agileflow® Self-consolidating Concrete

Discover Agileflow self-consolidating concrete, our range of self-placing and self-leveling concretes and screeds. Extremely fluid, requiring no vibration and providing an exceptional, highly aesthetic finish for a variety of applications, Agileflow flows and spreads effortlessly, saving you time every day.


  • Self-leveling, highly flowable mix that reduces labor cost
  • Places quickly and flows easily through congested and heavily reinforced areas and eliminates the need for vibration
  • Offers structural integrity
  • Places without segregation to ensure a consistent disbursement of aggregate within the concrete
  • Creates a smooth and crisp aesthetic for architectural appeal.Agileflow delivers flawless formed finishes and eliminates the need for expensive patching and rubbing


  • Heavily reinforced projects
  • Columns
  • Deep foundations
  • Tilt-up walls
  • Floors
  • Pre-cast
  • Slab-on grade
  • Slab-on steel deck
  • High lift corefill

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