​Setting the standard for more sustainable building

The US cement industry must accelerate decarbonization progress dramatically to keep pace with sector-wide net-zero goals. Cement represents ~7–8% of global CO2 emissions and ~1–2% of US CO2 emissions (~70 MT CO2 /year). Scaling low-carbon cement will be critical for the US to achieve net zero.

As the largest cement producer in the US, Holcim is making low-carbon cement the standard by shifting all our US plants (12 of 13 to date) to primarily produce OneCem, Type IL cement. Other products available include early strength cements, highly technical oil well cements, strong and cost-effective road binders, masonry cements and more.


ECOPlanet Cement

ECOPlanet is enabling low-carbon construction at scale. A global range of green cement, it delivers at least 30% lower carbon footprint with equal to superior performance compared to ordinary (CEM I/OPC) cement.


OneCem Portland Limestone Cement

Holcim’s OneCem creates less CO2 than traditional Portland cement while maintaining the same level of performance and workability.


NewCem Slag Cement

NewCem Slag is a high-performing, sustainable product available to blend with conventional Portland cement to deliver a strong, high-quality, durable concrete.


Fly Ash

Fly Ash is a recycled material that enhances your mix and is one of the most commonly used pozzolans in the construction industry.

Masonry & Mortar Cements

Holcim’s oil and gas solutions ensure high sulfate resistance, adjustable density, mechanical resistance and more.

Oil Well Cement

Holcim’s oil and gas solutions include a range of state-of-the-art API certified cements defined by quality and innovation.

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