Community Engagement

Holcim Celebrates Earth Day 2024

At Holcim, we are committed to sustainability and protecting our planet for future generations. Read how our employees are making a positive impact in their roles with different green initiatives across the US.

Joseph Hart

System Process Engineer 
Ada, Oklahoma

Joseph is leading the charge in eco-friendly cement production at our Ada, Oklahoma, plant. By replacing traditional fuels with recycled tire chips, Hart's work boosts sustainability, marking a concrete step towards greener manufacturing. 

Leah Young

Projects Manager, CAPEX
Elburn, Illinois

Though Leah’s primary role involves setting up CAPEX projects, she has the opportunity to manage “Green CAPEX” projects, like the transition of a site from being powered by a diesel generator to utilizing power lines, reducing the site’s carbon emissions.

Matthew Grafton

Plant Manager, Asphalt
Watertown, MA

Matthew plays a critical role in his plant’s Zero Waste initiative. He works diligently with vendors, the city of Boston and colleagues at the Watertown plant to make sure unused materials are reused or recycled.


Building Relationships

Holcim US emphasizes connection with its employees and the communities in which they live and work. We’re deeply committed to making a positive difference in two tangible ways - by encouraging employee involvement in support of local organizations and by investing our resources to support their activities.

The Career Week for GIRLs program gives young women, ages 13 to 20, the opportunity to take a look at our industry, receive hands-on learning and educate them on the many career paths within the construction and transportation industries. 

Alpena fills the pantries as part of their commitment to giving back to the people.



When two disasters hit in Holcim’s Mid-America region, local employees took action.

Lafarge Presque Isle Team Saves Great Horned Owlets

Sometimes necessary business activities can lead to unforeseen wildlife mishaps. Power line tree trimming at Lafarge Presque Isle Quarry accidentally caused the displacement of a nest and two young great horned owlets. Thanks to some quick thinking, the owlet rescue effort started rolling immediately.

Supporting Animal Shelters in Michigan

Our Great Lakes West Region made critical donations to local animal shelters and humane society organizations across Michigan hit hard by the pandemic. Supplies were collected for animals including food, litter and toys and for operations such as hand sanitizer, masks and gloves.

Hard Hats Off to Women of Asphalt

The Mid-Atlantic Region (MAR) celebrated the Women of Asphalt, a national organization started in 2017 providing mentoring, education and advocacy to women working in asphalt. The breakfast celebration recognized that, in addition to their professional lives, many of these women have the responsibility of being the backbone of their households.

2,500 Scrap Tires Collected for Fuel

Volunteers from the Portland cement plant and Geocycle braved the cold, wet weather and held the 16th annual Community Tire Collection Day! These scrap tires will be used as a replacement for fossil fuel in the plant’s kiln.