NewCem Slag is a finely ground, granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS) available to blend with conventional Portland cement to deliver a strong, high-quality, durable concrete.

A high-performing, sustainable product, NewCem is a testament to our unrivaled knowledge and technical expertise in the production of slag cements. Whether you’re a ready-mixed concrete producer, engineer or specifier, our technical team is available to advise on the optimal use of NewCem in any application. NewCem has been shown to increase the 28-day strength of concrete when properly used. NewCem also enhances the placeability and finishing characteristics of low-slump concrete (individual mix results will vary).

Concrete production utilizing NewCem consumes less energy and offers improved efficiency and building performance. A recycled material, NewCem may help achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points in the USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) and CaGBC (Canada Green Building Council) LEED programs.


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NewCem can increase the durability of concrete by:

  • Improving resistance to sulfate attack
  • Mitigating alkali silica reactions
  • Reducing concrete permeability
  • Helping control heat of hydration effects in mass concrete


  • General ready-mixed concrete
  • Architectural precast
  • Structural precast
  • Paving
  • Geotechnical

Case Studies and Articles

NewCem in Action

Mario M. Cuomo Bridge
Mario M. Cuomo Bridge
Mario M. Cuomo Bridge
NewCem Slag Cement - Mario M. Cuomo Bridge

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