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Moving our Industry Forward

At Holcim, we’re dedicated to transforming our industry into a cleaner, greener future by providing customer-focused products and solutions.  

As the leader in building materials, we provide the widest range of cement, concrete and aggregates products available and, with our eye to the future, we’re using our technological know-how to seek any opportunity to produce greener products as well as  manufacture and operate in a more environmentally sound way. 
Our cutting-edge products and solutions support projects large and small, regardless of sector, across the country. Discover our solutions that can add value to your next project.


Holcim is the largest cement producer in the US with a strong reputation for high quality and sustainable products. Used for everything from sidewalks, homes, roads, bridges, dams and skyscrapers, cement is used in virtually all forms of construction. 


The most widely used construction material in the world, concrete is reliable, energy-efficient, environmentally-conscious and versatile. Discover Holcim’s wide range of innovative and sustainable mixes, each providing quality, consistency and performance for any project. 


Holcim US innovates the highest quality asphalt leveraging the latest processing technology. Designed for enhanced performance, our asphalts also provide environmentally responsible solutions by making optimal use of recycled aggregates products. 


Aggregates are used in many applications including ready-mixed and precast concrete, asphalt and as a base material for street and road construction. Whatever your needs, Holcim offers aggregates to suit your project. 

Green Solutions

Many of our clients are looking for ways to minimize their environmental footprint and achieve specific sustainability goals. Holcim US is focused on creating a more sustainable world and can help you meet your objectives. 

Digital Solutions

Designed to optimize efficient and reliable communications, ConcreteDirect and DirectAccess make your job easier by maximizing your time and reducing your administrative load.  

Roofing Solutions

Holcim is becoming a global leader in roofing systems with a broad range of solutions from green to solar roofs

Technical Specifications  

Looking for product specification or safety information? Holcim proudly shares technical specifications and safety information for all of our products.