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Supporting Our Industry with green solutions for the Future

As the leader in sustainable building materials, Holcim provides customer-focused products and services that, for years, have been empowering the industry transition to environmentally focused manufacturing and operation while establishing solid foundations for a net-zero carbon future. Integrating the green solutions our world demands with the high performance, durability, versatility and availability essential to industry expansion, every product in the Holcim portfolio supports the integrity of each project, the growth of your business and the health of our shared planet. 

At Holcim, we distinguish ourselves with cutting-edge products backed by technological know-how and an uncompromising sustainability commitment. Whether you need cement, concrete, aggregates, asphalt or roofing, insulating and waterproofing—for commercial or residential applications, and for projects that are large, medium or small—you’ll find green solutions that empower you to build more with less—and without compromising quality or your bottom line.



As the largest cement producer in the U.S., Holcim has built a reputation as strong as our cements by consistently delivering high-quality, sustainable products that meet a diversity of needs. From classic cements to low-carbon innovations such as ECOPlanet Cements designed for today’s environmentally driven world, Holcim’s portfolio offers solutions for a wide range of applications. 


Holcim offers the most innovative and versatile range of ready-mix concrete solutions and services available today. Our corporate sustainability commitment means our products deliver on sustainability too—providing energy-efficient processes, a low carbon footprint and other environmental benefits. From ECOPact to DYNAMax, when it comes to the right concrete for your project,  you can depend on Holcim.


Pairing the latest processing technology with best practices gleaned from decades of experience, Holcim innovates the highest-quality asphalt, designed for enhanced performance and in accordance with specifications and national environmental regulations. From runways to roads to bridges, we optimize use of recycled products—creating asphalt with high levels of recycled raw materials—to reduce use of natural aggregates as well as carbon emissions. 


Holcim’s aggregate solutions fall into two key categories: primary natural aggregates extracted from hard rock quarries and deposits of sand and gravel, and alternative aggregates that consist of recycled and secondary aggregates from other industrial waste. Available to support dozens of applications, our aggregates deliver the highest integrity in terms of particle shape, durability and resistance to weathering. 

Green Solutions

Holcim was in on the ground floor when “green building solutions” was a vision of a few early adopters. From there, we committed to seeking opportunities to produce greener products—such as low-carbon ECOPact green concrete and to manufacture and operate in a more environmentally sound way. Today, we’re leaders in providing sustainable, eco-friendly solutions that allow our customers to advance their environmental commitments.

Digital Solutions

Holcim’s digital solutions are all about making your job easier and more efficient—and ultimately ensuring you are fully confident every step of the way, from concept through completion. Each of our solutions integrates reliable, and often real-time, communications that keep processes flowing smoothly; tools that ease the workload on your administrative team; and easy-access technologies that optimize project efficiencies.

Roofing Solutions

Today, more and more people are thinking Holcim when they think leading roofing technology. As a company that is on the fast track to becoming a global leader in roofing systems, we offer a broad range of solutions for commercial roofing and residential roofing that combine high performance, innovative design and environmental sustainability. 

Technical Specifications  

A core principle of Holcim’s customer commitment is ensuring you have the knowledge that’s necessary to use our products safely, for optimum performance. We focus on transparency, proudly sharing technical specifications, data and safety information on all our products. In this way, we build the trust—in our products and our people—that gives you confidence your projects will deliver the best results for the people and communities counting on you.

Across the country, you’ll find Holcim products in the infrastructure that keeps life moving; in designs offering function as well as innovation; and in buildings that enable opportunities for health and wellness, education and careers, commerce, and residence. Simply stated, Holcim products are put to work across all sectors to build thriving communities and a greener world.

With our extensive product lines and an experienced sales team ready to support any project, there’s no telling what Holcim will inspire and make possible. So explore all we have to offer and discover the value we can add to your next project—with everything from green cements that set new standards for performance and environmental responsibility to specialty building solutions and so much more.