Digital Solutions

Leading digital transformation in building solutions

Digital solutions provide value when they save you time, help you be more efficient and give you confidence. 

Holcim US designed CementDirect, ConcreteDirect and DirectAccess digital solutions to enhance your customer experience 24/7 by maintaining reliable communications, optimizing your time and reducing administrative workload while optimizing project efficiencies and reducing uncertainties. 


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An online user-friendly, real-time customer portal that gives you access to your accounts at any time.

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Digital Concrete Solutions

A suite of digital applications to help stakeholders across the construction value chain.

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Your 100% paperless, safe, secure, Bill of Lading (BOL) and delivery management tool.

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A simple and free smartphone app to help you manage orders and track deliveries of concrete.

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A cloud-based software platform connecting independent concrete providers and contractors.

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