Our Culture


Here at Holcim US, our people and our culture are our foundation. All across America, we build community with fellow employees, neighbors, and business partners. We conduct our business with zero harm and provide a healthy and safe environment to ensure all those who enter our facilities are able to go home every day.



We're passionate about finding better ways to build. That's why we embrace smart technology and empower our people to go the extra mile. Together, we can deliver the next generation of building solutions.


We need to create a net-zero future. That's why we put climate action at the heart of our strategy, so that together, we can decarbonize buildings across their full lifecycle.


We bring together 7,000 people with diverse backgrounds, cultures, and abilities to create an inclusive workplace. We celebrate our differences and create equitable opportunities for all.


We help our people to own and shape their career. That's why we invest in world-class learning and development opportunities, so that together, all our people can grow and thrive.


We believe in the power of partnerships to create value for all. That's why together, we foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork that supports and inspires our people every step of the way.


We are dedicated to making things happen and bringing our vision to life with excellence and accountability. That's why we want to inspire and support our people to perform at their best every day.

Celebrating Women in Construction

For Women in Construction Week, Holcim is proud to recognize women across the country whose contributions strengthen our team.

Cheyenne Arnold
Plant Foreman
Sherman, Texas
“When I started here, I didn’t know how many chapters to the book there could be! Now I’m the only female foreman in the region. Anyone—woman or man—who is willing to work hard has endless opportunities available to them.”
Karen Bechtel
Administrative Assistant
Colorado Springs, Colorado
“It was clear this company cared about the well-being of its employees. Being a single mom, that was a big deal. I cried when I got the off
Evelyn Brady
Production Supervisor
Hyattsville, Maryland
“I speak Spanish and understand Portuguese, which helped me get hired as a dispatcher. I’ve done lots of jobs in many parts of the business on my path to production supervisor and love that I’ve never been held back. I’ve always had opportunities here.”
Christina Deuchler
Director of Security, Holcim Group (Corporate)
Chicago, Illinois
“I like to work outside, and I like to see things being built and coming to completion.“I was thrilled for the opportunity to work for an international company doing environmentally sound things.”
Sue Isaacson
RMX Dispatcher/Customer Service Representative
Eagan, Minnesota
“I’ve been treated well and feel like an important contributor. In the dispatch room, we’re like family. There’s a special chemistry.”
Mallory Miller
Area Environmental Engineer
Alpena, Michigan
“Cement is vital to our way of life, so it’s a stable industry. I’m proud we meet those demands while being environmentally and socially responsible.”
Tina Ney
Human Resources Manager
Addison, Texas
“I didn’t so much find construction as it found me!”
Tanya Taylor
General Manager, Aggregates,
Middleton, Massachusetts
“I found my place in aggregates; it’s where mining and construction meet. It’s dynamic, and I get to use my mind in many ways.”
Kayla Weidner
Production Analyst
Ravena, New York
“People tell me that women shouldn't be in the construction industry because it's dirty. I say that's all the more reason to do it. Nothing says a job well done more than coming home covered in cement.”


Meet Kevin

“Working at Holcim US creates the opportunity for growth, new ideas and a successful career. Their commitment to environmental sustainability, safety and employee wellness means a great deal to me. My colleagues I work with really feel like they’re family.”
Kevin Luce, Quality Control Manager, Texas

Meet Nazareth

“This year will be my 10th year at Holcim US and 18 years total at Holcim. Looking back, I’ve worked on three continents at three different cement plants. I’ve had nine different positions in my career here, and each change has been a step forward. I made each move hand in hand with my husband, who I met at Holcim US. Since then, we've grown professionally, personally, and as a family. Holcim US can give you that opportunity.”
Nazareth Cuevas Diaz, Performance and Planning Manager, Missouri

Meet Wendy

“I wanted to work in an environment that was collaborative, welcoming, and inspiring. You know, all of “the feels." I told my son I needed a change to work somewhere that I could make a difference on a much bigger scale. Fast forward to now, and I know that I’m making a difference in the lives of the people I speak with every single day. Plus, my company is making a difference for the planet. It's the best of both worlds!”
Wendy Becker, Sr. Talent Aquisition Specialist, Chicago