Learning and Development

At Holcim US, your professional development is importanT

We’re ambitious about our future, and we want to hire people who feel the same way about theirs. Join Holcim US, and we’ll share your vision.

We take a strategic approach to learning and development, investing in a selection of programs to help you at every stage of your career. We enable you to take control of your progression, shaping an exciting and inspiring career path.

We offer training sessions on a global and local level for you to gain practical skills and further understand your role in creating a positive impact at Holcim US. 



All employees have access to a wide variety of online, virtual, and in-person classes regardless of their location, department, or level of seniority.

New graduate engineers get an in-depth look at what it’s like to work in cement manufacturing in the Build4Growth program. Participants visit multiple plants across the country for hands-on learning.

The LEAD program is a two-year journey designed to help people managers sharpen their leadership skills and business acumen. Participants meet in-person in Chicago and virtually online. 


The way we work is changing, and so is our approach to career development. Holcim US offers a variety of professional development opportunities online, virtually, and in the classroom. 

With four unique learning paths, we have curated content designed to meet your needs. From presentation skills, to conflict management, to business acumen, everyone can grow their skills and abilities. Our online library has thousands of courses, audio books, and videos to choose from, so you’re in control of your development journey. Learn what you want, when you want. 

At Holcim US, learning is inclusive. Come join us.

Testimonials from our team members

Meet Rene

“At Holcim US, I have been able to participate in dynamic leadership programs, technical skills training, and industry associations. Through it all, my managers and colleagues have supported me by sharing their knowledge and experience. I’m grateful to work for a company that is always looking at new possibilities for employees and for our planet.”  
Rene Marais, Sales General Manager, New York

Meet Shelbee

“I learned a number of valuable things from the early career leadership program, and about a year after completing the course, I received a promotion. These types of programs are so important for the development and deepening of leadership skills, and it also helped me understand parts of the business that I don’t usually work with. It was a unique opportunity to collaborate with some of my colleagues across the world.”  
Shelbee Hundley, General Counsel, Illinois


Holcim US may be a world leader in building materials, but our strength comes from our people. Employees at all levels have access to quality leadership development opportunities. 

Whether you’re a specialist managing an independent project, a new manager looking for advice on how to coach a team, or a director overseeing a team of 40, we have what you need. 

Choose your learning path and strengthen your ability to communicate effectively, develop your personal strategy, motivate your team, and grow your influence up and down the org chart. 

Testimonials from our leaders

Meet Derrick

“During Holcim US’ senior manager programs, I learned that no matter what title we hold or what part of the business we work in, we all bear some of the same challenges. It’s been enlightening to share successes and opportunities for improvement with other program participants. None of us are in this alone.”
Derrick Dease, ESG Implementation Director, Colorado

Meet Olmo

“Holcim's Emerging Leaders program has been pivotal to my career. It not only gave me the opportunity to work with seasoned mentors, but also immersed me in enriching simulations that reflect real-world challenges. From starting as a fresh graduate to spearheading critical company functions, my 17-year journey with Holcim has been a testament to the company's commitment to nurturing talent.” 
Olmo Lopez, Ready-Mix Performance Director, Texas

Functional Academies and Technical Programs

Holcim US takes pride in our expertise. We offer a wide range of technical training opportunities depending on your role, including our own sales academy, cement excellence programs for plant personnel, and university-level course work focused on aggregates, ready-mixed concrete, mining, and processing. 

We work with respected vendors and prestigious learning institutions to bring our people the knowledge and skills they need to rise to the top of their field.

Testimonials from functional academies and technical program attendees


Meet Javier

“The DRIVE program gave me deeper insight into Holcim US’ management practices, cultural development, and objective setting, which has translated into my day-to-day work. I had the opportunity to reflect on my leadership style and learn how I can adjust it to better suit the different situations we face at the plant every day.”
Javier Sosa, Production Manager, South Carolina

Meet Oscar

"The technical programs at Holcim US taught me different ways to optimize my part of the manufacturing process. They also gave me the tools to apply company standards to sustainably manage our raw materials sources, reduce business risks, and advise the management team.”
Oscar Mancera, Quarry Manager, Colorado

Meet Dana

“Holcim recently made an investment to develop new skills for our entire sales team. Through practice and reinforcement, we are promoting good selling habits, managing our time more efficiently, and enhancing our relationships with customers. I’m proud of the team and I’m excited for the future.” 
Dana Jenick, Commercial Development Analyst, Colorado