Building Progress for People and the Planet

At the heart of everything we do at Holcim is the mission to create a more sustainable world. This means empowering every customer and community to build more with less. It means providing the highest-quality products with the smallest-possible environmental footprint, which equates to better business for our customers. It means being a trusted leader that everyone from contractors to municipalities can turn to for solutions designed to drive progress and make an impact on their world. And it means leading by example.

For us, the ultimate fuel behind building more with less starts at home—within the walls of Holcim offices, plants and facilities. It is here we can make, and are making, our first and greatest impact through our own sustainable practices to recycle, significantly reduce carbon emissions, and utilize renewable energy resources and alternative fuels that support a healthier planet. 

459K metric tons

of CO2 saved with low-carbon products in 2022*.

$1 billion

invested in plant modernization projects in the past decade.

50 million tons

of waste recycled annually to recover energy and develop sustainable solutions. 


Committed to Net Zero 

Today’s global climate crisis demands more than carbon reduction. To reverse the damage and build a sustainable planet for future generations, we must aim for a net-zero-carbon existence and have the courage to take critical steps to build continual and significant progress. Holcim has taken the challenge head on by transforming our business standards; setting substantial goals of sustainable development; and raising the bar for green product innovation, performance and continuous improvement. 

At Holcim, we are committed to decarbonizing the building industry for a net-zero future. And, when you look at the decarbonization plans we deploy across our business, you can be confident that we will decarbonize at scale. One key driver is Holcim’s science-driven approach to becoming a net-zero company. In fact, we were among the first companies worldwide to have our 2030 and 2050 CO2 reduction targets validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). 

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Our vision starts with preserving natural resources by finding new uses for materials that would otherwise be discarded and co-processing them as alternative fuels, helping the company create more sustainable building products.

We are actively working to create and adapt carbon capture utilization and storage technologies to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations.

We are integrating renewables, leveraging solar and wind power at our plants to give back to the energy grid and lower our energy requirements. 

Partnering with Geocycle

Using state-of-the art technology, Geocycle turns waste into energy and recycled materials to bring society closer to a zero-waste future.


Geocycle News

Geocycle US Begins Successfully Recycling Shingles

In May 2022, Geocycle delivered their first load of shingle flakes – the new, alternative fuel – to the Holcim Alpena cement plant in Michigan.

Geocycle US and Holly Hill Cement Plant Project Reaches a Milestone

Spotlighting Holcim’s increasing efforts of recycling waste, decreasing landfills and saving natural resources.