Holcim is prioritizing decarbonization of our cities, by making buildings more sustainable with our broad range range of green construction solution from roofing to insulation, driving energy efficiency and green retrofitting. 

Energy efficiency

70% of the CO2 emissions in the construction sector are generated by buildings in use. With solutions and products such as roofing and insulation systems we are reducing this footprint. 

Nature in cities

We are becoming a global leader in roofing with systems cutting across solar, cool and green roofs. These technologies make buildings more energy-efficient in use, while enabling cooler cities with more nature inside. 

Green retrofitting

With up to 80% of current buildings and infrastructure expected to still be in use by 2050, our solutions and products, such as roofing systems and advanced mortars, are playing an increasing role in the repair and renovation space as well as green retrofitting.  

“We look forward to working with Holcim to create the next generation of sustainable building solutions.”

Mayor Kate Gallego| Phoenix, AZ US, and Public Sector Co-Chair of the 50L Home Coalition

“Holcim is doing an outstanding job to empower the architectural industry to shape a greener, better and more responsible future.”

Dixon Junliang Lu| Head of US and Associate partner, MAD Architects

Low-Carbon Products

Our clients are looking for more sustainable products and Holcim US provides several reduced and low-CO2 options for blended cement and concrete. 

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