FortiCem® Portland-Pozzolan Blended Cement 


The right blend of performance and sustainability.

You can count on FortiCem to exceed your performance needs while significantly lowering your CO2 footprint. Our blended hydraulic cement is a general use cement that can be used on your next project. From paving to retaining walls to architectural and structural precast elements, FortiCem offers better performance and durability than ordinary Portland cement (OPC). 

Manufactured with high quality pozzolans, this Type IP cement not only exceeds the performance of OPC, but it allows for up to 40% clinker replacement. This Portland-pozzolan blended cement also offers superior durability, alkali-silica (ASR) mitigation and sulfate resistance. If you’re looking for a high-performing, low-carbon cement for your concrete mix design, FortiCem is the solution.  

  • Superior alkali-silica reaction (ASR) mitigation and sulfate resistance.
  • Significantly lower carbon footprint. Up to 40% clinker replacement when spec allows.
  • Increased strength and durability.
  • Does not require fly ash.
  • Interground to reduce material complexity and allows for the use of a single product.
  • Product consistency through blending at the cement plant.
  • Ready-Mixed Concrete (with or without Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMs))
  • Architectural & Structural Precast Elements
  • Retaining walls 
  • Concrete Block
  • Paving
  • Geotechnical
  • Pipes

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