Mortar comprises 24% or more of the visual surface of a masonry wall making it a significant element of any design.

Whether the design calls for compatibility or high contrast, Holcim’s Rainbow Mortamix Custom Color Masonry Cement offers endless possibilities. We feature more than 70 colors - the largest selection of standard colors on the market today - plus custom colors can be developed by our lab to give you the visual impact desired.


  • Quality: Technological advancements used in our precise manufacturing process help achieve a superior finished product that is always manufactured in accordance with appropriate ASTM specifications.
  • Dependability and consistency: Laboratory-controlled consistency ensures uniformity now and durability over time. Our colors are manufactured with the highest quality pigments that are durable under ultraviolet radiation for use outdoors.
  • Workability: Architectural sample panels are available in all standard and custom colors, in either masonry cement or Portland/lime blends in types N, S and M. Plus our packaging is designed to reduce labor and job site costs.


  • Exterior masonry walls

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Rainbow Mortar Mix in Action

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