Masonry & Mortar Cements

Holcim’s masonry product line offers quality, flexibility and selection. Ranging from basic ASTM C91 Types M, S and N to a spectrum of pigmented masonry available in 70 standard colors and endless customized options to meet any design need.


Masonry Cement​ is specially-formulated to ensure a uniform texture and color at a quality level that can be used for almost any brick, block and stone masonry construction. 


Masonry Cements are composed of Portland cement, plasticizers and air entraining additives. We proportion our masonry segments at the plant under controlled conditions in a single blending operation which provides a more uniform mortar and eliminates the need to batch cement and mortars in the field.

Mortar Cement​ offers superior performance: durability, weather resistance and aesthetics. It is suitable for all masonry construction, especially projects that require higher flexural bond and compressive strengths.

In independent testing, our Mortar Cement products exceeded the flexural bond strengths required in:

  • ASTM C 1329 Standard Specification for Mortar Cement
  • International Building Code Standard 2103.7 Mortar
  • CSA-A3002 Masonry and Mortar Cement

They also achieved flexural bond and compressive strengths that meet all seismic zone requirements, enhancing structural stability and maintaining the margin of safety.

Rainbow Mortamix Custom Color Masonry Cement

This custom color masonry cement is manufactured with the highest quality pigments, suitable for exterior use and durable when exposed to ultraviolet light.

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