MaxCem® Blended Cement


MaxCem Blended Cement is an optimal blend of Portland cement and Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS) known for strength and durability. 

A highly versatile combination of environmentally friendly concrete materials. Our technical experts are available to consult on the best mix for just about any concrete product including concrete patching applications. 


Improved Strength: MaxCem surpasses the strength of Portland mixes at 28 days and beyond.

Versatility. Concrete produced with MaxCem has improved workability and better finishing characteristics. It also improves the placeability of concrete since standard vibration provides rapid consolidation with reduced segregation and honeycombing.

Reduced permeability and ASR. MaxCem decreases the permeability of concrete, which reduces the ingress of water and salts to improve resistance to ASR making it an ideal concrete for reinforcing steel.

Environmentally Friendly Alternative. When used as a replacement for traditional Portland Cement, recycled material content of MaxCem reduces the amount of energy needed to produce a yard of concrete, conserving natural resources.


Maxcem application example railway tunnel

Applications include:

  • General ready-mixed concrete
  • Architectural precast  
  • Structural precast
  • Paving

MaxCem in Action

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