North Central Region

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Concrete is the second most used product in the world next to water. In addition to its use in the development of the roads we travel to visit family, go to work and enjoy the North Central Region's natural treasures, our cement is the basic material in housing, schools and our hospitals.

Generations of workers, some from the same families, have produced the highest quality cement in the world in the heart of the Great Lakes. In the North Central Region, we proudly produce quality cement that is integral to the economy and infrastructure. We are deeply committed to doing so in a manner that meets all applicable state and federal environmental regulations.

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Who we are


  • 445 Employees
  • 3 Plants
  • 10 Cement Terminals

Community Support

  • Fire and Police Department Appreciation
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Major sponsor of the Ohio Environmental Education Council
  • Financial support to local charities and causes
  • Active volunteerism

Key product offerings

  • ASTM C-595 (AASHTO M 240) Type 1L
  • ASTM C-150 Type 1 Cement. 
  • Fly Ash
  • Type N masonry and mortar cement
  • Type M masonry and mortar cement
  • Cement Blends
  • True-Lite - Lightweight aggregate
  • Type N and Type 1 white cements
  • CKD

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