Through advanced R&D, Holcim US offers the most innovative range of ready-mix concrete solutions and services. They are designed to address our client’s most critical challenges: CO2 footprint reduction and energy efficiency of buildings, costs and speed of construction and worksite productivity, as well as architectural and aesthetic impact.

ECOPact Low-Carbon Concrete 

ECOPact is leading the way toward durable, high-performance, low-carbon construction. ECOPact is the industry’s broadest range of green concrete with products that provide 100% performance and at least 30% less carbon emissions compared with standard (OPC) concrete, with no compromise in performance.

DYNAMax Concrete

DYNAMax pushes the boundaries of what is possible and gives you access to unrivaled expertise, experience and know-how in concrete. Designed by the most innovative minds in materials design, DYNAMax concrete’s high-performance, sustainable and resource-saving benefits make it the ultimate solution for your project.

MasterMix Series

Whether you’re looking to reduce your reliance on labor, save time or offer a new solution, you can look to the MasterMix Series to help. Our collection of advanced concrete mixes help you achieve a higher level of performance and help you add even more value to your next project.

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