ECOPlanet™ Cements

Using our technological know-how, Holcim seeks any opportunity to produce greener products such as ECOPlanet Cements. This low carbon cement portfolio delivers 100% performance with CO2 reduction of at least 30%, with no compromise in performance. Its stringent quality controls mean it can handle the most demanding infrastructure applications, like highways and bridges.

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ECOPlanet cements enable low-carbon construction at scale. Products under the ECOPlanet Cements series include MaxCem® Blended Cement, Tercem3000® Blended Cement, NewCem® Slag and fly ash.

  • Delivers at least 30% lower carbon footprint with equal to superior performance compared to ordinary (CEM I/OPC) cement
  • Incorporates supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) and byproducts from other industries that offer environmental and performance advantages
  • Provides more durable, high-performance concrete than portland cement and lowers energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions

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Tercem 3000®

Tercem 3000 Blended Hydraulic Cement is a ternary cement — Portland with added silica fume and slag - ideal for designs requiring the most stringent levels of strength and durability with minimal permeability.


A blend of slag cement or granulated blast furnace slag and Portland cement, MaxCem is suitable for use in virtually all concrete and concrete product applications


Adding NewCem slag to concrete can provide a number of performance benefits including increasing the 28-day strength of concrete and enhancing the strength, placeability and finishing characteristics of low-slump concrete

Fly Ash

Added to cement, fly ash can improve workability and consolidation, as well as increase flexural and compressive strengths among others.

ECOPlanet in Action

Mario M. Cuomo Bridge
Mario M. Cuomo Bridge

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