A Permanent Solution to your PFAS Problem

Encapsulate PFAS eliminating the need for off-site disposal or treatment. 

Holcim’s innovative blend of products is optimized to encapsulate PFAS in polluted waters and soil, allowing for the treatment of PFAS-contaminated media, in situ or in place, and eliminating the need for off-site disposal or treatment. The cost of encapsulation is usually an order of magnitude less costly than any other remediation technology.

Cementitious solidification/stabilization (S/S) is a well-established treatment approach that offers an effective, more economically viable option for managing PFAS-impacted soils, sludges, dredge spoils and landfill leachates. While cementitious S/S does not destroy the contaminants, it keeps them from leaching above safe levels into the environment. Tailored site-specific solutions effectively sequester and reduce the mobility of all types of PFAS and the movement of water through the solid matrix. This all-encompassing encapsulation of hazardous compounds, including persistent, hard-to-treat contaminates in low concentrations, eliminates the pathway to exposure.

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Our Solution

  • No two sites have identical environmental conditions; types and concentrations of pollutants will vary
  • Mixes originally designed to encapsulate PFAS in landfill leachate concentrate
  • Utilization of a range of our blended products, determined by a bench test
  • The bench test will take into consideration other factors such as percent water and solids, total organic carbon and a long list of other chemical and physical components
  • A well-designed bench test can determine quite accurately the optimum mix design for a specific site, which can be replicated in the field with existing mixing equipment and techniques 
  • Once the mix has hardened, the leachability of the PFAS is reduced by 4-5 orders compared to the untreated media
  • The encapsulated PFAS-contaminated media can often be left on the site
  • There is no residual left to treat



  • A substantial reduction in the leachability of PFAS
  • The cost of leachate management at a landfill can be as much as 1/3 of the operations and maintenance (O&M) costs
  • Holcim’s innovative mixes significantly reduce the cost of leachate management
  • The leachate or soils can be treated in situ and left on the site - no off-site treatment or disposal is required
  • A comprehensive technology; there is no residual to treat



  • The treated concentrate can either be made into a slurry and sprayed on the face of the landfill as an alternate daily cover or;
  • The treated concentrate slurry can be placed in the landfill and be released into the landfill leachate and be retrieved again and again in an endless recirculation of the pollutants
  • Encapsulate PFAS in any source of polluted water, such as groundwater and surface water
  • Holcim was issued a patent in August 2021 for this process
  • Holcim has also designed solutions for the in-situ encapsulation of PFAS in soil


Additional Benefits

  • A complete solution to PFAS-contaminated waters/leachates and soils
  • The cost of the Holcim technology is often an order of magnitude less than competing technologies
  • Mixes can be easily modified to meet the site-specific needs of a project - this is not a “One size fits all” solution
  • The solution can be implemented using existing remediation technologies and equipment



Studies have shown that 45-50% of U.S. drinking water supplies contain at least one form of PFAS.1 

Landfills are one of the top sources of waste containing PFAS. As a landfill operator, you now have options to address the removal of PFAS from landfill leachate.




* SPLP: synthetic precipitation leaching procedure

1 K.L Smalling, et. al.; U.S. Geological Survey; “Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in United States Tapwater: Comparison of Underserved Private-Well and Public-Supply Exposures and Associated Health Implications”; Environment International; Volume 178, August 2023.

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